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SellTreez: Curbside Pickup
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SMS receipt is discontinued as of 10.1.21 until further notice. You can choose to use email or phone to contact customers.

Offering a curbside pickup option provides your customers with a way to receive and pay for their orders from their car. This is a convenient option, especially for customers who are in a rush, have difficulty ambulating, or for shops with limited parking availability.

NOTE: This process utilizes the Fulfillment Dashboard, and we recommend familiarity with it before implementing the Curbside Pickup process. You can find more information about the module here.

Recommended Materials:

  • Portable tablet

  • Money bag or envelope with cash change

  • Retail shopping bags


Setting up Configurations for Curbside Pickup

Before you start offering curbside pickup orders, we recommend you follow the configurations below, as they will make the process easier and more efficient for your staff.

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration > Config Page > eCommerce > General Requirements

Step 2: Under the 'eCommerce' section, turn the ‘Pick Up’ toggle on.


Fulfilling Curbside Pickup Orders

After a customer submits a curbside pickup order on your website, follow the steps below to fulfill the order and coordinate the order hand-off.

Step 1: Navigate to Retail > Fulfillment.

Step 2: Move the order into the ‘Awaiting Processing’ stage.

Step 3: Open the order and click Edit Order.


Step 4: In the new SellTreez window that opens, click Edit.


Step 5: Add the customer’s vehicle details (Make, Model, and color) from their online ordere to the 'Order Notes' text box and click Save Sale.

Tip: Shops that don’t offer Express orders may wish to use the 'Express' Sale Type for Curbside Pickup orders, to distinguish between In-Store and Curbside Pickup. If you choose to do this, simply change the ‘Sale Type’ dropdown from ‘Pickup’ to ‘Express’.


Step 6: Navigate back to Retail > Fulfillment by using either the main menu or closing the SellTreez tab.

Step 7: Open the order and click Select for Processing. Assemble the items in a shopping bag, as well as receipts or any required labels.


Step 8: When you’re finished fulfilling the items, click Complete Processing. This moves the order into the ‘Packed and Ready’ status.


Step 9: Once the customer arrives at the Curbside Pickup area, bring the tablet and change envelope to the customer’s vehicle. Verify the customer’s required pieces of identification (e.g., Driver’s License, medical recommendation) are valid.

TIP: We recommend dedicating a cash drawer for curbside pickup orders for accountability and ease of use.

Step 10: On the tablet, open the order on the Fulfillment dashboard and click Complete Transaction. Follow your internal processes for collecting payment and closing the order and give the customer their receipt.


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