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SellTreez: How do I split a payment between multiple methods?
SellTreez: How do I split a payment between multiple methods?
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When a customer is ready to checkout, they can complete their transaction using any combination of enabled payment methods including, cash, cashless ATM, or rewards points. To enable different payment methods, navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Point of Sale > Payment Type.

Step 1: Add products to a customer’s cart until the order is complete and then tap Checkout.

NOTE: If you have Rewards as a Discount enabled, you can apply a custom amount of reward dollars from the cart by clicking the < button in the upper-left-hand corner and then selecting Discount.

Step 2: From the payment screen, use the 'Custom' button to input the amount the customer would like to pay using the various methods. Tap Custom > enter the amount on the keypad > Charge. For charged payments, tap the charge type and enter the amount on the keypad and click Charge.

Step 3: Once the entire amount has been entered, the receipt will print and the transaction will be complete.

TIP: If you're using TreezPay, the PIN pad will only activate once the full amount of the ticket has been entered across the payment method(s). Then, swipe the card on the PIN Pad and follow the prompts to complete the sale.

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