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SellTreez: How Do I Build a Sale in the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Build a Sale in the POS?
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How do I build a sale in the POS?


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Once you have a customer selected and a transaction started on your sales screen you will scan product barcodes, or manually select products from the menu to add them to the order.

If you don’t have access to a barcode scanner, or your retail label isn’t scanning properly, you can quickly search the entire menu by entering product information into the search bar to narrow down your results.

The ‘Categories’ feature allows you to manually search your menu by product type and is a helpful tool for making specific recommendations.

Clicking on products will pull up information specific to that item including attributes and lab results (if available), product sizes, flavor options, etc., and the amount you have left in live inventory if you have this option configured.

If you are manually selecting products, you can increase the quantity of each product by clicking the plus sign and tap Add to Cart. This will add the product as a line item to the current order.

If the customer decides they want more/less of a product after it’s been added, changes can be made to quantities and/or sizes by clicking the + or - buttons on the left-hand side of the line item.

To ensure you're remaining compliant, our system will show you how far each customer is to reaching their daily purchase limit. To view purchase limit information for the order you're working on simply click the Purchase Limits button at the top of the cart in SellTreez.

NOTE: SellTreez will prevent you from overselling certain types of products to different customers — If the amount of product added to a customer's cart exceeds their daily limits, the system will block you from checking out.

Next, you can apply any additional discounts by clicking the Discount button. If an item has any automatic discounts attached to it, this will display in the ‘Discount’ column, along with the name and specifics about the discount.

The price for the item is shown on the right side of the product line. Additionally, on the bottom right are your discount and tax totals. If you hover over the tax total, you will find the breakdown of the taxes.

Once the order is complete, click Checkout. This will take you to the payment screen. Select the payment method, or a combination of methods if your shop accepts debit cards or has rewards points enabled.

  • Cash: The first tile is reserved for exact change, while the following tiles relate to whole cash increments. Selecting one of these will complete the sale, print the receipt, and display the change due, if any.

  • Card: Select the appropriate charge option, use the keypad to enter the proper amount, then tap Charge. Once charged, the sale will be complete, and the receipt will print.

  • Rewards Dollars/Points: If your shop has rewards enabled, customers may use their accrued points to pay for purchases.

  • TreezPay Debit: If your shop has TreezPay enabled, click the first tile to charge the exact amount, or Charge Custom TreezPay Debit Amount to enter a partial amount. Then, swipe the card on the PIN Pad and follow the prompts to complete the sale. If you're using custom amounts, the TreezPay PIN pad will only activate once the full amount of the ticket has been entered across the payment method(s).

  • Custom: The ‘Custom’ buttons allow you to split payment between a variety of payment methods.

Last, return any change to the customer and click Done to complete the sale. This will turn the sale into a line item on the ‘Purchased’ tab.


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