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SellTreez: All About Product Management
SellTreez: All About Product Management
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The Product Management page is where you can view, create, and edit products in your inventory. The concept of a product can most easily be understood as the name and associated information given to a specific item. Products are the names that hold inventory or makeup packages.

An example, you have a package of 25 bags of Valhalla CBD gummies that is kept in backstock storage and another package of 50 bags of Valhalla CBD gummies on the sales floor from a different distributor and delivery date. The product is the Valhalla CBD gummy and the product name will stay the same, independent of its physical count, location, package, etc.

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The Products page contains a comprehensive table of all your store's products. These products can be managed manually or, by linking to our BrandTreez catalog, can inherit brand-generated product details.



Navigating Product Management

  • Rows: Each row represents a distinct product. From the main table, you can view basic information about each including brand, price, and size.

  • Filters, Search, and Sort: You can use the tools above the main table to narrow down these products.

    • To filter by category, select the icons of the categories you'd like displayed.

    • To search for a specific item, enter the name, brand, sku, size, UOM, or subtype into the search bar. When you click out of the text box or hit 'Enter' on your keyboard, the results will display.

    • To filter by products that are currently holding inventory or those that aren't, use the filter to the right of the search bar to select 'In Stock' or 'Not In Stock'.

    • To filter by inventory status ('Active' or 'Deactivated') use the far-right dropdown to select what you'd like shown.



Creating a Product

To create a new product, click the orange + icon on the Product Management page and fill out relevant information in the Product Card.

After you create a product, you'll be able to select the product during the Invoicing process to add inventory to it.


Product Card

The Product Card is where you can view and edit product-specific information. You can view any product's card by clicking anywhere on the product's row, and it will open on the right-hand side of the screen.

NOTE: If you want to create a deli-style bulk flower product, visit this article to learn how.

Product Details

This section covers all the basic information about the product, such as name, classification, size, etc.

NOTE: While the 'External ID' field will accept a longer external ID, reporting, including the Data API, will truncate IDs that are longer than 65 characters to only the first 65 characters.


This section is where you can define or adjust how much you charge customers for a product. You can choose to charge a Flat Price (where the item cost is fixed) or a Tier Price (which discounts higher quantities purchased). Read more about pricing management here.


Attributes help to further define the product for the customer. They can appear on the retail label or in your menu and may also be used when creating discounts or reports.

  • General: refers to a variety of characteristics, such as how the flower was grown. Ex. 'organic', 'hydroponic', 'outdoor', etc.

  • Flavor: refer to the taste of the product. Ex. 'piney', 'fruity', etc.

  • Effect: refers to the feeling a user can expect to experience. Ex. 'energizing', 'euphoric', 'relaxing', etc.

  • Ingredients: refer to certain elements included in the product. This can be especially useful for noting ingredients in edibles that are commonly subject to dietary restrictions. Ex. 'dairy', 'gelatin', etc.


This section will display the product’s barcode information and SKU. Barcodes can be:

  • User-Defined: Manually entered by the user

  • Generated: Created in BrandTreez


NOTE: Editing the product barcode won't affect the Treez inventory barcode, which is used for batch and shipment tracking. To learn more about the difference between product barcodes and inventory barcodes, click here.


This section allows you to add a display name, photo, and description of the product to your online menu. You can also quickly resize (crop, drag, and zoom) your uploaded product images by clicking on them and dragging the box to reflect your desired dimensions. You can set a minimum inventory level for the product to display online. If no information is added to this card, this product will be hidden from your online menu. To manually hide this product from your menu, toggle 'Hide from the Menu' on.

NOTE: For images in your eCommerce menu, the ideal image size is 640px x 640px and image file type is .PNG or .JPG.



In this section, products can be tagged as part of a collection. Collections allow you to group products together and display them to your customers at the start of your Treez eCommerce menu or within the left pane on a mobile device. Each collection view can be shared via its URL link. To configure collections, visit Product Configurations.



This Inventory card gives you a quick glance at the product’s inventory details and other helpful inventory-related information.


This section allows you to view and upload documents related to the product. Ex. Testing results, photos, and brand literature.

History Log

The History Log tracks actions taken on this product so you can easily manage any modifications. This log includes any product information that was added or edited, as well as who made the change and when it was saved.


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