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SellTreez: Creating a New Item in Metrc
SellTreez: Creating a New Item in Metrc
Written by Treez Admin
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Metrc tracks inventory under parents called 'Items', which are essentially the same concept as Treez 'Products'. Metrc items allow you to enter information about a specific product one time and then use that shell information to intake inventory with consistent product details. You can build Metrc items by following the instructions below.

NOTE: Certain Item categories (including Flower/Buds, Pre-Roll, Kief, etc.) require you to assign a Strain before you can finish creating the item. If you're creating one of these Items with a strain you've never carried before, follow the instructions here before continuing.

Step 1: Log in to Metrc and navigate to Admin > Items.

Step 2: Click the Add Items button.


Step 3: Enter the product name in the 'Name' field

NOTE: Use a consistent naming convention across all your items for easy identification. We recommend Brand, Flavor/Strain, Product Type, Classification (if applicable), THC/CBD ratio, amount. e.g. Valhalla Tangerine Gummies Sativa 100mg.

Step 4: Select the 'Category' the product is associated with. Click here to view our Quick Guide on which category to select!


Step 5: Select the product's unit of measure.

NOTE: All flower products should be labeled as 'grams' unit of measure to provide the most consistent information.

Step 6: Enter the net weight or net volume of the manufactured product in the “Unit Weight” field with the appropriate unit of measure.


Step 7: Click the green Create Items button to save the newly created product.


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