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Using METRC- Basics
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How should I be naming any new items I create?

Use a consistent naming convention across all your items for easy identification. We recommend Brand, Flavor/Strain, Product Type, Classification (if applicable), THC/CBD ratio, amount. e.g. Flow Kana Strawberry Preroll Indica 1g.

When do I need to create ‘items’?

Whenever you receive a new product that’s never been a part of your inventory, you’ll create a new item to map the packages to. You can find instructions on creating a new item here. (During your migration, we'll create these for each item in your inventory at the time of the switch onto Metrc.)

When do I need to create 'strains'?

Some categories of Metrc Items (Flower, Pre-Roll Flower, Pre-Roll Leaf, Kief, Leaf, and all Plants) require you to assign a Strain before you can finish creating the item. You can find instructions on creating a new strain here. (During your migration, we'll create these for each strain in your inventory at the time of the switch onto Metrc.)

Once I create a strain/item can I reuse it again?

Yes, for data consistency you should reuse Metrc strains and items for each new shipment of product. Keep in mind though that any Items with "SI" in the title are for starting inventory only. Any product brought into your store's possession after the switch onto Metrc should be manifested with the Item name without "SI" in the title.

Do I have to add all my employees into Metrc?

No, you only need to enter employees who will be working with the interface. However, the BCC requires you to keep an up-to-date employee record at all times, so, for the sake of ease, operators can use Metrc’s ‘Employees’ module (Admin > Employees > Add/Edit Employees) to keep that information centralized. If an Employee's role changes, their profile can be edited directly in Metrc by another staff member with the proper permissions. Note: The Metrc Admin or Account Manager role controls the access each employee has within Metrc. If you're using Metrc as a system of record for this requirement, you can give employees no access, limited access, or lock their account entirely.


Tip: You’ll see this blue + sign peppered throughout Metrc. It allows you to take “bulk actions” by populating another section of whatever you’re looking at below it so you’re able to create multiple employees, strains, items, packages, etc. with fewer clicks.

By default, Industry Admins (the main account administrators) have all permissions enabled, but other employees of a licensed facility may also be given permissions to edit employee information.


How do I suspend or remove an employee’s access to Metrc?

There are two ways to suspend the access of an employee from a Metrc portal:

1.) If the employee is on temporary leave and/or you do not want them accessing Metrc for a limited duration of time, you can 'Lock' the employee (Admin > Employees > Select the employee > Lock). This will keep them associated with your license and facility but will prevent them from accessing your Metrc portal. You can unlock the employee once access should be restored from the same screen.


2.) If the employee is no longer working for you, you should use the disable button to terminate their access to your Metrc portal. Once an employee is disabled they will no longer appear in the employee list, but will still be listed in the history list for the facility. If an employee whose account has been disabled is rehired, their information will need to be reentered into Metrc.

Note: If you have more than 1 facility, you can use the "all" button instead of removing access 1-by-1. In Metrc terms, a 'Facility' refers to each unique license. In California, micro/vertically-integrated businesses are all nested under the same license. So this would only apply if an operator holds separate, unconnected licenses eg. Cultivation & Retail.

How do I edit my Account Manager information?

If you need to adjust your Account Manager information, you need to send an email request to Metrc. In your email, be sure to include:

  • License Number

  • Current Account Manager’s name, email, and phone number

  • New Account Manager's name, email, and phone number

Note: Your Account Manager must be designated as a business owner on your license.


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