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SellTreez: Inventory vs. Package vs. Product
SellTreez: Inventory vs. Package vs. Product
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Though the words 'product', 'package', and 'inventory' are used interchangeably in many situations, when used in a track-and-trace context, these represent distinct concepts. They do relate closely to each other, so it's important to understand the subtle differences, which is why we've broken them out below.

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Inventory refers to all the physical items in your store's possession— it’s what you stock your shelves with and sell. Inventory of a specific product is the total count of those items, regardless of package or location. Your store’s inventory is the most granular level for working with items — where you'll be selling from, making count adjustments to, and moving from location to location.

(e.g. You take a total count of all the Valhalla CBD gummies in your store and find that you have 300 bags of gummies. These 300 bags are your inventory of this product.)



In a track-and-trace system, cannabis items are organized in packages or batches and are often understood in the context of physical shipments. Packages shouldn't be confused with products, as each product can have multiple packages.

Every package needs a tracking tag physically attached. When intaking inventory, Treez prints barcode labels that associate each stickered item with the package’s tag in order to track which shipment items originated from.

(e.g. A box of Valhalla CBD gummies delivered on 1/1/2019 and a box of Valhalla CBD gummies delivered 2/1/2019 would be distinct packages with their own package tags, but are the same product.)



The concept of a product can most easily be understood as the name given to a specific item, which holds inventory or what makes up packages. Think of each product as an umbrella that houses an unlimited number of packages or inventory from different deliveries. The product determines purchase limits and pricing for the inventory it holds. You can associate as many packages to a Treez Product as you would like — a specific product will often have multiple packages from different deliveries.

(e.g. You have a package of 25 bags of Valhalla CBD gummies in backstock storage, and another package of 50 bags of Valhalla CBD gummies on the sales floor from a different distributor and delivery date. The product is the Valhalla CBD gummy and will stay the same, independent from its physical count, location, package, etc. You can keep restocking Valhalla CBD gummies, and connect each package back to the original Valhalla CBD gummy product.)


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