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SellTreez: Investigating Inventory Count Discrepancies
SellTreez: Investigating Inventory Count Discrepancies
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago


Our inventory count is off, we have more products in store than it says in Treez. Can Treez make adjustments on its own?


The simple answer is no, Treez cannot make adjustments on its own.

If there are physical units that add up to more than what Treez displays, there are a few possibilities for this:

  1. A customer purchased two of the same item and the cashier only gave one to the customer

  2. A cashier gave one item but accidentally scanned the barcode twice

  3. A cashier gave the wrong item entirely

  4. Or, less likely, there was an extra unaccounted-for unit that was missed during intake

These tend to be the primary reasons for inventory discrepancies. In these instances, in order to get rid of the discrepancy, customers would have to adjust the package in the system to the correct physical quantity.

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