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TreezSupport: SellTreez - Product and Inventory Management Basics
TreezSupport: SellTreez - Product and Inventory Management Basics
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Welcome to inventory management with Treez! The articles linked below will get you started with the basics.


Click the links below to learn more about each topic!

Product Management

  • Creating products is the first step in successfully managing your business with Treez.

Location Management

  • Establishing Locations lets you track where various inventory items are stored within your shop.

Pricing Management

  • Tier Pricing is a popular sales strategy that discounts products based on the quantity a customer is purchasing, with higher quantities resulting in a lower cost per unit.


  • Start intaking new inventory by receiving new invoices into your Treez portal.

Inventory Control

  • The Inventory Control module is where you're able to perform vital inventory management functions including printing labels, moving inventory between locations, returning inventory to vendors, and recording inventory destruction or disposal.

Inventory Adjustment

  • Performing regular inventory counts of stock both on the sales floor and in backstock is a necessary practice to integrate into your regular operations. Accurate counts and adjustments ensure better reporting, cleaner bookkeeping, and proper management of your inventory.


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