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Creating a Discount in Treez
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Discounts allow you to create price breaks for single items, entire product categories, or select product groups. By applying filters and conditions, promotions can be easily customized to fit your shop’s exact needs. To begin setting up discounts, navigate to Products > Discount Management.

Step 1: Select the Discounts tab and click the yellow (+) to begin creating a new discount.

Step 2: Define the discount by completing all required (*) fields.

  • Discount Title: Assigning a descriptive and intuitive name will help you easily identify discounts at a glance. Additionally, these names will appear on the receipt, below the item the discount is linked to.

  • Discount Method: Select the type of discount you’d like to create. Learn more about discount methods.

  • Stackable: Allows other stackable discounts to be applied to a single order.

Step 3: Continue following the prompts and entering in required (*) information until your discount has been fully defined.

Step 4: Select the products the discount will be applied to.

  • Use 'Search Product Groups' to find previously created groups.

  • Use 'Select Product' to scan product barcodes and manually create a new group

  • Use 'New Product Group' to create a new group.


Step 5: Click + New Condition to add any desired filters. Conditions customize your promotions to be more specific. Learn more about conditions.

Step 6: Click outside the window to return to the ‘Discounts’ screen to view all discounts.

  • If the icon is red, there is still some information missing that will need to be completed.

  • Activate/Deactivate: Switch this toggle to enable or disable discounts. This defaults to ON once a discount has been created.

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