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SellTreez: Pole Display - Arizona
SellTreez: Pole Display - Arizona
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Our Pole Display provides a quick and easy way to deliver basic product information to customers while items are added to their shopping cart at the SellTreez POS. By utilizing an additional customer-facing monitor, such as a tablet, front-facing display, or secondary monitor, customers will be able to see in real-time which items are being added to their carts and the prices associated with them. In some states, having a Pole Display is required by law, such as Arizona, and is an integral part of compliance.

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Pole Display Hardware

You can use any secondary monitor, dedicated USB pole display hardware attached to your POS station, or a standalone device so long as it has a web browser!


Pole Display Setup

Step 1: Connect your USB pole display hardware to your secondary monitor. Next, connect your secondary monitor to your Windows PC where a cash drawer will be used via HDMI, USB, or other video connection.

Step 2: From your Windows PC, type 'Display Settings' into the Windows Search bar and click the 'Display Settings' result.


Step 3: Scroll down to the 'Multiple Displays' section and select 'Extend these displays'.


Step 4: Now that your displays have been extended, close the Display Settings window.

Step 5: Open a new, separate browser window.

Step 6: In the new browser window, navigate to Retail > Pole Display in your Treez instance.

Step 7: From this page, select the cash drawer you’d like to show on the Pole Display from the list. Typically, this will be the cash drawer that’s associated with the POS terminal the Pole Display is mounted on or near.


Step 8: Drag the Pole Display window across your Windows PC and onto the secondary monitor. Optionally, you may use the Windows keyboard shortcuts below to move the browser window to the extended display.

  • Windows key + Shift + Left Arrow

  • Windows key + Shift + Right Arrow

NOTE: We suggest using the 'Full Screen' mode on the Pole Display window for a cleaner look. You can enter full-screen mode in the Chrome browser by hitting the F11 key on your keyboard.

Step 9: After selecting the appropriate cash drawer, the default screen will load on the Pole Display monitor and the Treez logo will appear. When you begin adding items to the customer’s cart in Sell Treez, the same product and pricing information will automatically populate on the secondary monitor in real-time.


Step 10: If you need to change the cash drawer that’s being displayed, simply click your browser's refresh button and select the appropriate cash drawer from the list as you did in step 7.



Remote Connection to the Pole Display

To get the Pole Display to show on an iPod, iPad, or another browser-enabled device that is not physically connected to the Windows PC, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Setup your browser-enabled device in front of or near the POS station it will be linked to.

Step 2: In the new browser window, navigate to Retail > Pole Display in your Treez instance and follow Step 7 above to get your Pole Display window ready.

NOTE: If the browser on your device supports 'Full Screen' mode, we suggest putting the browser into this mode for a cleaner look.

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