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SellTreez: Treez & WM Dispatch Integration Guide
SellTreez: Treez & WM Dispatch Integration Guide
Written by Treez Admin
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This document is the integration guide for Treez & WM Dispatch. This guide will help provide you with all the information you need to make sure the Treez & WM Dispatch integration runs smoothly.

Integration Overview

WM Dispatch is a cannabis-specific delivery logistics solution that helps automate compliant delivery. The integration with Treez allows you to use the order fulfillment management flow while utilizing WM Dispatch to efficiently consolidate delivery routing and general dispatch operations. With tools like Auto-Dispatch, delivery zoning, and the automatic driver and vehicle compliance tools, adding delivery as a new sales channel is easy and can bring additional revenue to your business.


API Credentials - In order to start the integration, you’ll need to provide the WM Dispatch team with the Treez API credentials for all the systems they’ll be connecting to. To get your Treez API Credentials, follow the steps outlined in the API Key help center article.

For WM Dispatch, the request should contain the following:

  • Treez URL:

  • API Partner Name: WM Dispatch

  • Contact Information: First Name, Last Name , Email Address

Metrc API Credentials, you’ll need to:

  • Log into Metrc

  • Select Your User Profile Dropdown

  • Select API Keys

  • Copy the API Key displayed on screen. If one does not exist, you can generate a key.

    • Regenerating an existing API key can disrupt any existing integration you have with Metrc.

  • Once you’ve either generated an API key or copied one over to share, make sure to also copy your Metrc Store ID to share as well.

Note: If your WM Dispatch integration does not include the Metrc integration, you can skip the Metrc steps.

Once you’ve collected all your API credentials, simply send them to your WM Dispatch integration specialist.

Use this Checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

  • Treez without Metrc Integration

    • Treez API Key

    • Treez URL

  • Treez with Metrc Integration

    • Treez API Key

    • Treez URL

    • Metrc API Key(s)

    • Dispensary License #(s) & License Type

Driver & Cash Drawer

Note: If you will not be doing cash deliveries, you can skip the steps outlined below.

Once WM Dispatch syncs with your Treez credentials, you’ll have 2 new fields made available for you in the Additional Information section of the Driver’s profile. These two new fields will be:

  • Treez Employee ID

  • Treez Cash Drawer


In these fields, you can connect a driver to a cash drawer. This is helpful for making sure all the sales they complete through WM Dispatch will be sent to Treez in the appropriate Cash Drawer. When entering the Treez Employee ID & Cash Drawer, we strongly recommend that you copy and paste the information from Treez into WM Dispatch. Any differences in letters, numbers, or characters will lead to errors.

The Treez Employee ID can be found on the User Management Page by following these steps:

If you are on the Latest Version of Treez:

  1. Sign into

  2. Click "Organization Settings" from the bottom of the primary navigation menu on the left side of the page.

  3. Click "User Management" from the navigation menu on the left side of the page

    1. You will need the View User permissions in Role Management to see this User Management.

  4. Locate the user you wish to find the Employee Number of and click the 3 vertical dots to the left of their name

  5. Select "See Profile" from the menu options

  6. Look for the "Employee No" field in the user profile on the right side of the screen.

If you are on Legacy SellTreez

  1. Login to your SellTreez URL (

  2. Click "Configuration" > "User Management" from the primary navigation on the left side of the page

  3. Look for the "Employe Number" column in the user grid

You can find the Treez Cash Drawer name by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to to "Configuration" > "Config Page" > "Cash Handling" > "Existing Accounts".

  2. Locate the cash drawer you wish to link to the driver by looking for the accounts with "Account Type: Cash Drawer".

Once both have been copied into their respective fields, be sure to save the driver’s profile in WM Dispatch. Now all transactions made in WM Dispatch by this driver will reflect back to their respective user in Treez and assigned to the Cash Drawer assigned in WM Dispatch.


Dynamic Delivery (Optional)

If your dispensary does Dynamic Delivery (informally referred to as the Ice-Cream Truck model), then you’ll simply need to add a few custom attributes so your vehicle can get associated with your Treez inventory location.

The first thing you’ll need to do is log into WM Dispatch and go to Settings > Custom Attributes. In the Vehicle section add the following Label / ID combination:

  • Label: Treez Inventory Location | ID: treez_location

Note: Please be sure to copy the above text verbatim or the two system will not successfully work with each other.


Once you’ve saved the Treez Inventory Location field, log into Treez and go to Inventory > Location Management. Find the inventory location you plan to assign to a vehicle. Confirm on the Treez side that the location is marked “YES” for Sellable & the location status is “Active". Then copy the location name.


With the copied location name, go back to WM Dispatch > Vehicle > and search for the vehicle that will represent that location. Click the edit form on the desired vehicle and paste the assigned location into its Treez Inventory Location section.


Once this has been completed, hit save and now you’ll have a WM Dispatch Vehicle tied to a Treez Inventory location.

Please note that if a vehicle & inventory location combination changes, you’ll need to make sure to update this information in WM Dispatch so the vehicle doesn’t accidentally associate with the incorrect inventory location.

Advance Configurations

Once you’ve completed setting up your WM Dispatch portal, the last thing you’ll need to do is ask Treez support to toggle your Advance Configurations.

If you have a Treez integration WITHOUT Metrc, you can ask their support (over chat or email) to set “EXTERNAL_TICKET_API_SALE_BY_INVENTORY_ENABLED = True”

If you have a Treez integration WITH Metrc, you can ask their support (over chat or email) to set "EXTERNAL_TICKET_API_SALE_BY_INVENTORY_ENABLED = True” & “SEND_DELIVERY_SALES_TO_TRACE_TREEZ = OFF”

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