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SellTreez: Paying Vendor Debt
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This page helps you to understand how much debt you’ve accrued and who it’s owed to. From here, you can easily manage your vendor debt and post payments to invoices.

NOTE: You can also make payments to an invoice from the specific invoice's page in the Invoices module.

Step 1: To begin paying invoices, navigate to Cash > Cash Handling and then select Vendor Debt from the tabs along the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Click on a line to highlight the invoice you’d like to post a payment to.

  • You can sort and filter the visible options by using the ‘Filter’ button or clicking on any of the column headers.


Step 3: Tap the Make Payment button at the top of the screen and fill out the payment card.

  • Transfer From: Only previously configured vaults and linked accounts will display in this drop-down. If you’d like to use an account that’s not displayed, you’ll need to set up a new account before moving forward.

Step 4: Complete the payment by clicking Make Payment. Once submitted, an entry will be logged on the ‘Payments’ tab within the respective invoices.

  • An entry for this transaction will also be created in the corresponding vault or account tab used to make the payment as well as on the ‘Audit Log’.


NOTE: There may be a short delay between submitting the payment and the amount showing up in the ‘Amount Paid’ column, but you do not need to refresh your page to see the changes.

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