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SellTreez: Customer Management Nuances in Massachusetts
SellTreez: Customer Management Nuances in Massachusetts
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Please Note: Online ordering is an exception to this rule as customers give consent to data capture by placing their orders online.

Customer Data Retention in MA allows you only to retain customer data that is pertinent to the transaction.

The SellTreez workflow for this is to use the Membership Agreement Form to ensure permission from the customer that their data will be captured.

  • At the time of check-in, clients can use the Membership Agreement Form. This will give the client the ability to capture the data from their customers and to ensure their permission.

Navigate to Customer > Customer Membership Agreement Form


Ensure that your Member Rules Agreement clearly spells out all of your rules, then have the customer sign and agree to them.


If Treez clients are not comfortable with this, then the other option is to use the anonymous check-out workflow within Treez. Once the customer is at the retail station, they can have their ID checked to confirm that they are of legal age, and then the transaction can proceed.

Navigate to Retail > SellTreez POS > Click on No Customer


Fill cart and Check Out as normal.


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