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SellTreez: Email Notification Service
SellTreez: Email Notification Service
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The Treez Email Notification Service is an enhancement that will be used in lieu of the deprecated SMS service, allowing retailers to communicate order details/status to consumers and provide Two Factor Authentication (2FA) account verification for Treez eCommerce as well as email verification for Customer Management. This service also includes a robust email validation mechanism that will substantially increase delivery rates by flagging unknown and invalid emails prior to sending.

Navigate to Configurations > Config Page > Notifications to configure and activate Email Notifications. Note: Status will be Deactivated until the customers chooses to Activate them.


What Areas of SellTreez Utilize Email Notification Service

The enhanced email services will live in SellTreez and directly affect the subset of features below:

Each of these areas are enhanced by the new Email Notification Service and are used to either intake customer (consumer) information or communicate information to the customer (consumer).

Solving for the Deprecation of SMS

The enhanced Email Notification Service with email validation will provide Treez customers (retailers) the ability to communicate with their customer base (consumers) more effectively. In addition, this feature will allow the customers (consumers) to complete the eCommerce password reset flow on their own, creating a more streamlined user experience for both retailers and consumers.

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