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SellTreez: Enhanced Email Notifications Guide
SellTreez: Enhanced Email Notifications Guide
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The Treez Email Notification Service is an enhancement that can be used in lieu of the deprecated SMS service, allowing retailers to communicate order details/status to consumers and provide Two Factor Authentication (2FA) account verification for Treez eCommerce as well as email verification for Customer Management. This service also includes a robust email validation mechanism that will substantially increase delivery rates by flagging unknown and invalid emails prior to sending.

Navigate to Configurations > Config Page > Notifications to configure and activate Email Notifications. Note: Status will be Deactivated until the customers chooses to Activate them.


Signup Flow Email Validation

  • When filling out the Customer Management Form, the customer email entered will automatically go through a validation process:

    • If the email address is validated, the app will send the user's signup code to that email address.

    • If the email address cannot be validated, the user will receive an invalid email prompt and will remain on the signup form to ensure the email address was entered correctly or try again with an alternate email.

    • If an email address cannot be validated (unknown), the user will see "Are you sure this is the correct email address: {email address}" and be given the options to Cancel or "Send Verification Email".


Customer Verification Flow

  • After a customer places an order and the order appears in the fulfillment dashboard in verification pending, fulfillment staff will be able to click on the order and "Verify" which will launch the customer management view.

  • The customer view will show a new badge for email validation:

    • A green circle with a white checkmark if the email is valid.

    • No circle or checkmark if the customer has no email.

    • A red circle if the email is invalid.

    • A yellow circle if the email cannot be validated or invalidated (unknown).

  • Clicking the badge will auto scroll to where the email can be edited. This area also shows a small icon representing the email validation status. Any time a customer's email is updated, the email will automatically be validated.

    • If the new email is valid proceed with no extra notification to the user.

    • If the new email is invalid, an "Invalid Email Address - This email address does not exist" message will display and prevent saving the changes.


  • Upon checkout

      • If an email address is present and validated an acknowledgement will be sent to the customer.

      • If no email address is present the user will be prompted to enter an email address for the customer.

Note: The ability to search by email in the SellTreez customer search bar located at the top left corner of SellTreez POS can be utilized to speed up checkout if desired.



Note: The majority of time the email will already be validated before getting to this stage.

Email notifications must be configured for any particular ticket status that the user desires to be triggered.

  • If the email is validated proceed to send the ticket to the next stage and send the notification via email.

  • If the email cannot be validated, users will see "Invalid email, this email does not exist" and two options are provided, "Cancel" and "Update Email".

    • Cancel - takes you back to step 1 where you can re-enter or edit the email address

    • Update Email - The Update Email button launches a small form that will require users to enter the updated email twice. This will validate the new email address and provide additional feedback including the options to Cancel or Save and Proceed.

      • Save and Proceed - This will save the email entered and proceed to move the ticket to the next status.

  • If the email validity is unknown, users will see 4 options

    • Cancel

    • Edit Email Address

    • Proceed and send

    • Proceed without sending notification


Search by Email in Customer Management

Users can now search for customers by email address in Customer Management:

Navigate to Customer > Customer Management

  • Click on the downward arrow next to the search field

  • Select "Email"


Search by Email in SellTreez POS

Users now have the ability to search for a customer profile using an exact email address or a partial email address within the SellTreez POS:

Navigate to Retail > SellTreez POS


Search by Email in Fulfillment

Users have the ability to search for tickets using an email address in Fulfillment Dashboard:

Navigate to Retail > Fulfillment

  • Entering partial email address displays all tickets with similar email associations


SellTreez POS - Upon Checkout (Flow 1)

If email receipts are enabled, and after completing a sale and proceeding to the change screen the user has the ability to input the customer's email address and email a receipt:


If email is not validated, an “invalid email address” message appears allowing the user to cancel or enter a new email address.


If email is unknown, “Email Address could not be validated or invalidated, would you like to proceed?” message appears

    • Option 1: “Cancel”

    • Option 2: “Send Anyways”


SellTreez POS - Pull Ticket from “Recent Receipts” (Flow 2)

If email receipts are enabled, a button that says “Generate Receipt” allows the user to email the receipt to the customer:


If an email cannot be validated (unknown), a dialog box will display with the following options:

  • Cancel - returns back to view receipts screen

  • Send to new email address - navigates user to completed transaction screen where email can be edited, or an alternative email can be entered

  • Send Anyway - Sends receipt to the email is provided

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