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SellTreez: How to Update Customer Opt-in or Opt-out Status
SellTreez: How to Update Customer Opt-in or Opt-out Status
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Gaining consent to include your customers in marketing efforts is a requirement in many states. SellTreez offers a way for customers to opt-in to a retailer's marketing efforts during the signup process and a way to update this field after the fact. It's important to provide the customer the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of marketing to stay compliant with applicable regulations and provide 3rd party integrations access to the customer's opt-in status so they can more effectively help you market to your customers compliantly.

NOTE: Currently, all changes to the marketing opt-in field must be done through the Membership Agreement form in-store or via the SellTreez Customer API.


Setting a Customer's Opt-in Status

Step 1: If a customer doesn't already have a profile within Customer Management, create their profile first.

Step 2: Navigate to the customer's profile in Customer Management by scanning their ID or searching for their profile using the search bar at the top right.

Step 3: Click the Edit button within the customer profile.


Step 4: Click Collect Signature.


Step 5: This will trigger the customer to sign the Membership Agreement. This is typically done using a tablet that is handed to the customer but can also be done in any browser window.

Step 6: Navigate to Customer > Membership Agreement Form from the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the page.


Step 7: Once on the Membership Agreement Form page, click Select next to the customer you wish to update.


Step 8: Have the customer fill in any required fields and sign the membership agreement form by drawing their signature at the bottom of the agreement and clicking I ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT.


Step 9: Have the customer enter their email address and/or phone number (please note these fields may or may not be required based on your configuration).

Step 10: Have the customer check or uncheck the box that reads 'Occasionally send me discounts, promotions, and new strain information'. This is the default verbiage provided by Treez but it can be updated by your Account Manager.

  • Checking the box, no matter what the verbiage to the right reads, will result in an opt-in status of TRUE, meaning that the customer has opted in to receive marketing from you.

  • Unchecking the box, no matter what the verbiage to the right reads, will result in an opt-in status of FALSE, meaning that the customer has opted out of receiving marketing from you.

NOTE: You should always have the customer present to sign the membership agreement when opting IN to marketing. If the customer is not present, we suggest that you make note of this in the signature field of the Membership Agreement and make note of what you are changing without the customer present to accurately document that the customer did not sign this version of the agreement and why it is being changed without the customer present. Always keep records of changes made to this field without the customer present, including their consent for you to do so.

Step 11: Have the customer click DONE.


Step 12: Return to the customer's profile and click Save and Back to save the changes to the profile. If this process was done while creating a new customer profile, you may only see a Save button. Click this once you have completed filling out the customer profile to save any changes.

​Existing Customer Profile


New Customer Profile


NOTE: The value that is updated in the SellTreez Customer API for this field is: opt_out.
​Opt_out: FALSE in the SellTreez Customer API means that the customer has Opted IN to marketing.
​Opt_out: TRUE in the SellTreez Customer API means that the customer has Opted OUT of marketing.


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