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SellTreez: How Do I Create Pre-rolls & Edibles?
SellTreez: How Do I Create Pre-rolls & Edibles?
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How do I create pre-rolls and edibles?


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Navigate to Product > Product Management and click the yellow + button at the bottom right of your screen within the Product Management module and choose the appropriate Pre-Roll Icon. You’ll notice that the Subtype at the top defaults to Flower, however if you click the drop down you also have the option to update this subtype to Infused for any of your infused pre rolls. This is important so that the customers' Purchase Limits are calculated correctly. Prerolls with a subtype listed as Infused will be counting against your Purchase limits for Concentrates, while Pre-Rolls with a Flower Subtype will be counting against your Flower Purchase Limits. As you fill in the remainder of your required fields, you’ll notice Amount, Unit of Measure and Total Mg THC. These fields are what counts towards your customer’s Purchase Limits. Once you’ve entered in all the required information, you can save your product card by clicking in the white space outside of the information you just entered.


You can create an Edible by following the same behavior as outlined above. Notice Subtype is not required for Edible; however, we do recommend filling it in so that your products can be easily searched for by your customers and your budtenders. You’ll see different required fields for Edibles than you did for Pre-Rolls as Edibles are not associated with Purchase Limits. Seeing different requirements is normal as you move from Product Type to Product Type. Make sure you look for the red asterisk on your required fields for each Product. If those required fields are not filled in, you will not be able to save your Product Card.

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