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SelllTreez: How Can I Create A Non-Cannabis Donation in SellTreez For A Specific Cause?
SelllTreez: How Can I Create A Non-Cannabis Donation in SellTreez For A Specific Cause?
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How can I create a non-cannabis donation in SellTreez for a specific cause?


Donations should always be non-taxable.

This workflow details how to round up and collect a charitable donation within SellTreez. Before performing this workflow, ensure that the following steps have been completed beforehand.

Ensure that products are set as pre-tax pricing and NOT out-the-door pricing whereby taxes are baked into the price of the product.

Ensure that CUSTOM PRICE ADJUSTMENT is enabled:

  • Select Product > Discount Management > Cashier Discounts > Pricing

  • Locate CUSTOMER PRICE ADJUSTMENT and click the toggle to enable

Create a non-inventory product within SellTreez

1. Go to >Product Management and click the yellow + to create a new product


2. Select the icon with the 2 adjoining squares called "non-inventory"

  • Enter in the name and price of the non-inventory product

    • In the example below, our non-inventory product is named DONATION $1 and given a flat price of $1

  • Optional: If you'd like to scan to add to cart, be sure to add a 'product barcode' (can be random) in the product card in Product Management. You won't be able to print these from Treez but you can use an online barcode generator, print it out and affix one printed barcode by each register. Otherwise, it can always be added manually through the product search at the POS if the configuration for force barcode scanning at POS is turned off.


Add the non-inventory product into your inventory

  • Select Inventory > Purchasing > Invoice

  • Click on + and select Create Manually to create a new manual invoice

  • Click onto + add the non-inventory product(s) to the invoice

  • Search for the previously created non-inventory product (e.g., DONATION $1)

  • Set the base cost to $0 and the Qty to 99999

  • Select Accept All to add the product to your inventory. When the PRINT LABELS window appears, close the window in the upper right corner.


If it was accepted into a non-sellable location, you'll need to move it to sellable in Inventory Control just like any other product.

Accepting a Donation

When adding items to a cart, search for “donation” within the shopping cart, select the appropriate donation amount (e.g., $1, $5, $10, etc.), and add it to the customer’s cart.


Next, within the tender selection screen, choose the Round Down option.


Accept the customer’s payment method and finalize the transaction. Provide the customer with their receipt.


The non-inventory item is not taxed, so it's easy to do the math to round down after manually adding the donation.

Cash will be recorded in the cash drawer the donation was made. There won't be a way initially to denote in cash handling how much cash is from a donation, so the total amounts to pull out would come from other reports.


Using the product log you can report the total donation amount.


Once the sum of donations is understood for that drawer and that shift, money could be transferred from the main vault to an account clearly labeled as a hold for donations.

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