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How Can the Current Inventory Dashboard Help My Business?
How Can the Current Inventory Dashboard Help My Business?
Written by Treez Admin
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Please Note: This article pertains to functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.


How can the Current Inventory dashboard help my business?


The Current Inventory dashboard can be used to support discount and promotion planning, prevent products stranded for way too long, monitor inventory by location, and promote cycle count practices across your organization.
โ€‹Please note: Important Metrics for this Dashboard include:

  • Cost of Inventory on Hand - Total cost of the inventory inside selltreez

  • % of Units Sellable - Units that are in a sellable location inside selltreez

  • Average Inventory Age - Average age of inventory inside selltreez

  • Average Sellable Velocity - Avge Sellable Velocity across all products

  • Harvest Date - The date the flower was harvested

Growing your business:

  • Having a transparent look into what products are aging or coming close to expiring can allow the customer to take action long before needing to destroy the product. The ability to be able to get a vendor credit or sell the product at a discount price means we can assist the customer in growing revenue instead of destroying the product.

Preventing Loss:

  • Maintaining sellable location par levels is pivotal to avoid potential sales loss. Sellable locations are responsible for what is displayed on all e-commerce sites thus making it extremely important to make sure you have as much inventory in a sellable location as possible.

Upselling Customers:

  • Sometimes products can move at different velocities depending on which store they are located in. It can be beneficial to the customer to move the product from one store to another to avoid needing to discount or destroy the product.

Overall Efficiency

  • Regrettably, some products will need to be recalled or returned. Having to locate the product can sometimes be a hassle. Utilizing the inventory by location feature is easy to locate the product on a batch level across the org and inventory locations to be able to easily pull the product quickly and efficiently.

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