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How Does the Inventory Performance Dashboard Help My Business?
How Does the Inventory Performance Dashboard Help My Business?
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How does the Inventory Performance dashboard help my business?


Inventory Performance gives you a wholesome inventory overview of your inventory health. This tool can help you accomplish reordering, identify items that need to be moved to sellable locations and list out stranded products that could use some discount or budtender attention to move towards sales.

Please note: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the dashboard covers:

  • Sellable Velocity - The average units sold per day when the item is in a sellable location

  • Inventory Turnover Rate - Cost of goods sold over the average amount of inventory during the selected period of time

  • Stock to Sale Ratio - Average of your inventory value in the given period of time, divided by the gross sales amount in the same given period of time.


  • Capital is limited, so you need to be surgical in allocating scarce funds to the products that continue to drive the right top and bottom-line returns.

Loss Prevention:

  • Reduce sales wait time, inventory waste, and carrying costs when you maintain the right product assortment and inventory levels.


  • Replenish products with the highest sellable velocity that also maximizes AOV and AOP.

Overall Efficiency:

  • Streamline the interaction between procurement, business operations, finance, and marketing with the same view across the organization.

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