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How Does the Budtender Performance Dashboard Help My Business?
How Does the Budtender Performance Dashboard Help My Business?
Written by Treez Admin
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Please Note: This article pertains to functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.


How does the Budtender Performance dashboard help my business?


The Budtender Performance dashboard provides an overview of the metrics over time, across overall employees - who either created the sales in Treez or completed the sales in Treez. The choice is yours depending on how you want to visualize the data.

Managers can assess individual budtenders’ performances (7 performance metrics, viewable in a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly view) against the store's overall performance. Managers can also track the total customer redemptions and discount values that are given by each budtender to prevent discount abuse or theft.

Please note: Key performance indicators (KPIs) the dashboard covers:

  • Transactions - Completed or Created depending on how you filter the dashboard

  • Units Sold

  • Net Sales - Gross Sales minus Discounts and Returns

  • Gross Receipts - Net Sales plus Taxes

  • Gross Sales - MSRP of all products before discounts have been applied

  • Average Order Value - Net Sales divided by Transactions

  • Average Order Profit - Gross Income divided by Transactions

  • Discount % - Discounts divided by Gross Sales

  • Margin % - Gross Income divided by Net Sales

  • Average Basket Size - Units Sold divided by Transactions

  • Average Transaction Time - Total Transaction Time Divided by Transactions

Enabling Growth

  • Management can make informed decisions in real-time across the org. Optimize customer-facing resource performance that makes the most impact on your unique customer base.

Mitigating Theft & Loss Prevention

  • Ensure front-facing employees are not abusing the use of rewards, discounts, and sample giveaways.

Upselling Customers

  • Measure and incentivize behaviors that drive higher AOV and AOP relative to the exact customer.

Overall Efficiency

  • Allocate labor resources efficiently across locations, roles, and customer journey flows.

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