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SellTreez: Creating Non-Taxable Gift Cards & Certificates
SellTreez: Creating Non-Taxable Gift Cards & Certificates
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To create a non-taxable gift card/certificate follow the steps outlined below:

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Creating Gift Card/Gift Certificate Products

Before you can recieve or invoice Gift Cards/Gift Certificates, you must first create a Product Master to hold your inventory.

  1. Press the yellow + button in the lower right hand corner to create a new product & select Non-Inventory as the Product Type

  2. Populate the name of the product (i.e. Membership fee, Gift Card, etc.)

  3. Populate the price of the product

  4. Add a product barcode (Optional)

Invoicing Gift Card/Gift Certificate Products

Once you have a Gift Card/Gift Certificate Product Master created, you will need to receive the Gift Card/Gift Certificate inventory on a new Invoice.

  1. Press the yellow + button to create a new invoice

  2. Populate Distributor

  3. Change Default Inventory Location to a sellable location (Critical)

  4. Click on yellow + button to add the product to invoice (find more information about invoices here)

  5. Find the product that you just created using the SEARCH BAR

  6. Select the product and add product to invoice

  7. Enter a base cost (Best Practice = $0, you may enter a value here to track the cost of the physical gift card or certificate itself, however)

  8. Enter Qty (Note: Non-Inventory does not deplete, but you should still put in a number)

  9. Press green Add X Products button in the bottom right corner of the page to add the Gift Card product to the invoice

  10. Accept the invoice

Redeeming Gift Card/Gift Certificate Products

Once you have Gift Cards/Gift Certificates received in inventory, you will need a way to redeem them when a consumer wants to use them. You have 2 options for Gift Card/Gift Certificate redemption.

Option 1 - Treez Rewards

If your organization is currently using the Treez Rewards loyalty program, you can more seamlessly redeem Gift Cards/Gift Certificates as rewards points when a consumer visits your dispensary to redeem their gift card.

NOTE: With this method, consumers do not need to spend the entire Gift Card/Gift certificate amount in a single transaction since the balance will remain on their customer profile.

  1. Ensure the consumer has a Treez Customer Profile set up in Customer Management, if not, be sure to create one for them.

  2. Scan the customers Identification or use the Search box to search for the customer profile manually

  3. Click the "Edit" button to the right of the customer name

  4. Once the profile is in Edit Mode, scroll to the "Rewards" section at the bottom of the profile and click "Edit"

  5. Add the Gift Card amount to the existing amount listed under "Current Dollar"s and click "Save"

  6. Scroll back to the top of the Customer Profile and click "Save & Back"

  7. The customers Gift Card/Gift Certificate has now been redeemed on their account and can be used to purchase goods

  8. At checkout, apply the customers rewards to their order.

NOTE: Redeeming Treez Reward will depend on how you have your Rewards setup currently:

Option 2 - Reusing an Unused Payment Type

If your organization does not currently use Treez Rewards, you will need to track the redemption of Gift Card/Gift Certificates using an available payment type. Best practice will be to use an unused payment type such as "Check".

NOTE: When using this method, it is best practice to require a consumer to use the entire amount on the Gift Card/Gift Certificate in a single purchase. If this is not or can not be required, remaining balances will need to be tracked outside of Treez.

TIP: When using this method, it is suggested that you clearly document in your records and with your Accounting professional that sales made under this payment type are actually Gift Cards/Gift Certificates.

  1. Enable the unused payment type by navigating to Configurations > Config Page > Point of Sale > Payment Types

  2. Inform your staff to use the newly enabled payment type when redeeming Gift Card/Gift Certificates.

  3. At the Point of Sale, use the payment type you have designated above to tender the transaction.

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