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SellTreez: Bulk Packaging
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Note: Only Arizona operators will have the option to pack from bulk extract products.

Packaging gives users the ability to pack from a single bulk flower item into smaller, sellable inventory units. For State Tracking System operators, the state tracking ID from the parent bulk product will persist across all the items you pack into and adjustments will be sent over to the system! A Packaging History Page has also been introduced to Inventory Management and reflects packaging changes made to your inventory.

NOTE: California law prohibits packaging at the Retail level so this module will not be available for California operators.

NOTE: Only Arizona operators will have the option to pack from bulk extract products.

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To get started packing from a single bulk flower product into multiple products, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management and select the check box located on the left side of the bulk flower product.


Step 2: Click the Pack button that appears on the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: If you have more than one item checked, the Pack button will not display as you’re only able to pack from one bulk product at a time.

NOTE: If you don't see the Pack button, check that your user group in User Management has permission for Inventory Management > Packaging.

In the card that appears, the left-hand column will display the parent bulk product that was selected to pack from.

  • All of the product information including the state tracking ID and available quantity is visible.

  • The state tracking ID in Metrc states will persist across all the items you pack into.


Step 3: Pack into a product by selecting the Add Product card and selecting any product you would like to pack into. Options include:

  • Flower Bulk

  • Flower Prepack

  • Preroll

Repeat this process as many times as you’d like. If a product doesn’t yet exist, click the orange + button to add a new product. Adding a new product this way mirrors the process of adding a new product in Product Management.


To remove the product that was selected to pack into, select the


icon in the upper right corner of the card and then Delete.

Step 4: (optional for non-Metrc states) Select the Add Waste card to log any amount of waste (in grams) and an adjustment reason. In the drop-down, it will display all of the applicable Metrc adjustment reasons but 'waste' will be set as the default reason.

To delete the entered waste, select the


icon in the upper right corner of the card and then Delete.

Step 5: Enter the ‘Remaining Weight’ of the parent bulk product (in grams).


Step 6: The ‘Loss’ field is calculated automatically.

  • Calculation:

    • Loss = (Parent Bulk Weight – Total Weight of the packed product(s) – Waste – Remaining Weight)

    • In the example pictured above, Loss = (20g – 2.1g – 1g – 16g). Loss = 0.9g

  • Select Loss Reason:

    • Metrc states: this will be logged as an adjustment for the selected reason.

    • Non-Metrc states: this will be a static configured list of reasons to choose from.

Step 7: After all fields in each card have been entered, review them for accuracy by selecting the green Review button. This will take you to a review card before submitting the changes to your Inventory.


Step 8: After reviewing, select the green Submit button to send the changes to your Inventory. The packed into product will be placed into the same Inventory location of the parent bulk item it was packed from.

NOTE: This action cannot be undone. For Metrc States, this will send the adjustments to Metrc and attach them to the parent bulk product.

Label Printing Note: If an operator commonly uses the Packaging workflow, as a best practice, the labels printed for their products should use a barcode mapped to the "Treez Barcode" field. If the "Package Label" field is used, customers are going to run into issues because when using the Packaging function, the same State Tracking ID persists across two different batches and Treez won't know which batch you are referring to.



Packaging History

The Packaging History Page can be found by navigating to Inventory > Inventory Management > Packaging History. This page shows a report of all products that have gone through the packaging workflow.

  • Select the date range which you’d like to be displayed in the report. The default date is today’s date.

  • The top line represents the parent bulk flower product. When you click on the drop-down arrow for the parent bulk flower product, it will display all the child products that were packed into. It will also show the reported waste and loss amounts.

  • By checking the box next to any of the products you will be able to print out the labels for the selected products. The print label button is located at the bottom left side of the screen.

  • Export packaging data into a .CSV format by selecting the


    icon in the top right of the page.

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