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Repackaging in METRC and Invoicing Packages in Treez
Repackaging in METRC and Invoicing Packages in Treez
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Retailers have the ability to receive buds in bulk from vendors and process it on-site, converting it into other products such as prerolls or prepackaged buds. Once this action is physically completed, there are corresponding steps that must be taken in METRC to ensure that the bulk buds that were originally accepted are now being tracked and sold as the new product(s) they’ve been processed into.

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Processing Items in METRC

If you haven’t had this strain or item in your inventory before, use the links below to create these in METRC before starting the packaging process:

Step 1: Log-in to METRC and navigate to Packages > Active.

Step 2: Identify the parent package (the bulk flower that will be broken down) and select it by clicking anywhere on its line. Tip: You’ll know it’s been selected when the line is highlighted orange.

Step 3: Click the New Packages button on the far left-hand side of the action bar.


Step 4: In the ‘New Tag’ field, scan or type in an unused package tag number. This will be the new child package’s ID number.

Step 5: In the ‘Item’ field, type and select the name of the new product being created.

Step 6: In the left column’s ‘Quantity’ field, enter the number of units being created and select Each from the ‘- Select -’ dropdown.

Step 7: In the right column’s ‘ Quantity’ field, enter the number of grams being removed from the parent package, and leave the unit of measure as Grams.

Step 8: Select the room the child package will be located in after it’s created.

Step 9: Enter today’s date in the ‘Package Date’ field. You can also enter any additional information in the optional 'Note' field.

If you are creating multiple different items from the same parent package, click the blue + button on the far left-hand side of the modal and repeat Steps 4 - 9 to enter details for additional child packages.


Step 10: Click the Create Packages button.

Continue to the next section to import your new package(s) into Treez for sale.


Invoicing Packages into Treez

Step 11: Log-in to your Treez portal and navigate to Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices

Step 12: Now any new child packages are ready to be pulled into Treez through our import inventory from METRC flow.

PLEASE NOTE: On the invoice, each line item’s cost should be determined based on the relative amount of parent package’s flower used to create each child package.

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