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SellTreez: Handling Out of State Medical IDs in METRC Control - MO ONLY
SellTreez: Handling Out of State Medical IDs in METRC Control - MO ONLY
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Handling Out of State Medical IDs: 19 CSR 100-1.130(1)(L)2 -Requires that errors involving consumer and patient allotments must be reported to the department and corrected in the statewide track and trace system within twenty-four (24) hours of being identified.

Errors when serving patients who come from outside of the state of Missouri occur because ID numbers can be formatted differently across states and fail to correctly submit to METRC. In order to keep you compliant, we will surface these failed sales in your Treez Compliance Management module where you can export them within the 24-hour period, add the needed detail to the state column, and import these sales directly into the METRC UI.

In coming updates, we will allow you to capture the state where these patients are from and automate this reporting the same way we do for customers inside of the state. If further assistance is required, please contact Treez support.

Uploading Failed Sales to METRC - MO

To export a CSV of the failed sales, make any necessary corrections, and manually upload them into METRC please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory > Compliance Management > METRC Control.

Step 2: Click the vertical 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner and then click Export Sales.

Step 3: Open the CSV that downloads to your computer in your preferred editing software.

  • Remove columns at the end

  • Remove blank rows at the bottom

  • Remove the two header rows

  • ADD the needed detail to the state column for customers who live in a state other than Missouri


Step 4: Verify the information is complete and correct.

Some data points that are also good to check:

Patient/Caregiver License Number

If the sale is Medical:

  • Customer Type should be 'Patient'.

Note: In some states, this field may also be 'ExternalPatient' if the patient's license is from a different state.

  • Patient License Number is required. If a caregiver purchased on behalf of a patient, Caregiver License Number is also required.

  • Patient License Number must be free from any special characters.

If the sale is Recreational:

  • Customer Type should be 'Consumer'.

  • Patient License Number and Caregiver License Number should be blank.

If a package is no longer under your license in METRC, you’ll be unable to report any sales on it. Check that the package has not been transferred out to another license by searching for the package number in the ‘Active’ packages tab of your METRC portal.

If this is the case, remove the package’s lines from the CSV before uploading.

Step 5: Delete the header row and Columns I-U. Then Save your changes to the CSV.

Step 6: Navigate to METRC and log in.
Tip: This process requires the appropriate permissions to View and Edit sales.

Step 7: Click the Data Import icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 8: Scroll to the tab Sales (New) and click Select files…

Step 9: Locate and click your edited sale CSV and click Upload.

Step 10: After the upload completes, navigate back to the METRC Control page. Select the sales you just uploaded into METRC by checking the box on each sale’s row and click the Dismiss button.

NOTE: You cannot undo a Dismissal! Make sure you verify this action carefully before taking it.

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