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SellTreez: Purchase Limit Configurations
SellTreez: Purchase Limit Configurations
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City and state regulations limit the amount of cannabis that can be sold to both medical and adult-use customers. To ensure you're remaining compliant, our system will show you how far each customer is to reaching their daily purchase limit. To view purchase limit information for the order you're working on simply click the Purchase Limits button at the top of the cart in SellTreez.


SellTreez will prevent you from overselling certain types of products to different customers — If the amount of product added to a customer's cart exceeds their daily limits, the system will block you from checking out.


Customer Restrictions

Certain states require you to have separate licenses and inventories for adult-use and medical customers. Local regulations and available licenses will determine which type of customer's are allowed to purchase from you.

Customer Type & Age Restrictions

Select the 'Type' of customer that can purchase from you (Adult, Medical, or both), then select the appropriate age restrictions.


To add a minimum age that’s under the standard 18 or 21, clicking into the medical age field will allow you to enter a custom age. Once you tap Add, the new minimum age will be saved into your configurations.


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