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How Do I Create a Product Group?
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Creating a Product Group enables you to "bucket" products together so you can apply a discount. These can be entire product categories — such as extracts or edibles — or a mixture of product types.

Navigate to Product > Discount Management. The page will default to the Product Groups tab.

Step 1: Tap the orange (+) sign to create a new product group.

  • Once a group has been created, it's saved in the Treez system and can be applied to as many promotions as you’d like.


Step 2: Define the group by assigning a name.

Step 3: Select the appropriate items or product categories to be included.

  • Selecting 'SKU' allows you to scan retail labels with your barcode scanner to create very specific product groupings.

  • Product Group Rules: Allows you to apply filters (i.e., Brand, Classification, Subtype) to help narrow down the products being captured.

    • To add a filter click ‘+ Additional Filter’. The drop-downs relate to the product details entered when adding products to inventory.

  • Check the ‘Exclude’ box to mark items you want to be excluded from the group.

TIP: The more information entered about a product in the Treez system, the more targeted you can become with your discounts and reporting.


NOTE: Each filter must be satisfied in order for a product to be included in a group – meaning the more filters you add, the fewer products eligible.

  • Filter Results: This feature offers a quick way to filter your search by the column headers and see what products are available to you. Multiple filters may be applied to narrow your search even further.


Step 4: Click anywhere outside the Define Product Group window to return to the ‘Product Groups’ page to view all new and saved groups.

  • If any information is missing, the icon will display as red.

  • Syncing: Enable ‘Syncing’ by sliding the toggle located on the far right of the Product Group to ON. This ensures any new products added to inventory are automatically included in the group if they meet the set criteria.

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