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How Can I Adjust My Payment Methods?
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How can I adjust my payment methods?


Occasionally, a sales associate may input the wrong payment method on the checkout screen, causing the cash and credit amount to be incorrect on the End of Shift receipt. Luckily, you can retroactively adjust the mistake through our ‘POS Ticket’ report and ensure your cash and charge amounts are in alignment when closing out a shift.

To review transaction history, navigate to Cash > POS Ticket Adjustment

Use the ‘Time’, ‘Date’, and ‘Users’ filters to narrow applicable search results.


Look through completed transactions to see if the difference between cash and credit — noted in the Daily Totals section of Cash Handling — matches any transactions made throughout the shift.

For example, if you have $54 more in cash than you expected, you would check to see if any transactions were completed for around $54 that were documented as being charged to a card. This may be an indication a sale was incorrectly documented as a credit transaction when in fact it was actually paid for in cash.

Once you’ve identified the incorrect charge, click on Details to display the specifics of the transaction.


On the ‘Details’ window, click Edit and update the amounts in both fields.


Click Update to save your changes. Once you refresh the page, the adjusted amount will be visible in the updated payment column and be properly displayed on the Daily Totals section of Cash Handling.

Now, count the cash again to ensure the numbers are in alignment, and click Submit.

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