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SellTreez: How do I apply a lifetime discount to a customer?
SellTreez: How do I apply a lifetime discount to a customer?
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A lifetime discount a.k.a. a "Customer Group" discount is automatically applied each time the member makes a purchase. This type of discount is assigned to each member from within their customer profile.

Before you’re able to assign Customer Group discounts to a profile, they’ll need to be created.


Step 1: Navigate to Customer > Customer Management and locate the customer you wish to enable lifetime discounts on.

Step 2: Click Edit and click in the Customer Groups field below the 'Notes' section.

Step 3: From the dropdown, select the discount(s) that apply to this customer. There is no limit to the number of discounts that can be assigned to a single customer.

Step 4: Click Save & Back.

Now, when this customer goes to make a purchase, these discounts will automatically be applied to their order, but can be manually removed, if desired.

NOTE: Once a customer turns 65, Treez will automatically assign them to the senior customer group. If your shop doesn't have a senior group discount, this will simply serve as a reporting attribute. To turn this feature off or change the age at which the senior customer group is applied, simply contact our support team.

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