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SellTreez: How Do I Generate A Reconciliation Report (In App)?
SellTreez: How Do I Generate A Reconciliation Report (In App)?
Written by Treez Admin
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Generating a reconciliation report lets you see all of the adjustments and/or destructions that have been made to your inventory over a period of time. This report can be used to surface anomalies in your inventory management practices, identify potential theft, and aid in routine compliance efforts.

Step 1: Navigate from Reports > Inventory

Step 2: Set the desired date and time range

Step 3: Click the blue Filter icon

Step 4: Click the Activity column filter

Step 5: Click Clear to clear all checked filters

Step 6: Click the Count Adjustment and/or Destroyed filter


Pro-tip: The Inventory Log is a powerful tool that tracks every single action that occurs to inventory, not just reconciliation-related activities. By applying/removing filters, you can hone in on any actions taken on your inventory.

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