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SellTreez: How Do I Create a Cashier Discount?
SellTreez: How Do I Create a Cashier Discount?
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How do I create a cashier discount?


To begin setting up standard cashier discounts, navigate to Products > Discount Management > Cashier Discounts > Cashier Discounts.

  • Tap the orange (+) sign to create a new cashier discount.

  • Define the discount by filling out the required (*) fields.

  • TIP: Short, descriptive titles work best as they help sales associates easily identify the appropriate discount at checkout and may be shown on the receipt if that configuration is enabled.

  • Set any desired requirements.

    • Require Discount Reason: If enabled will require the sales associate to select a reason for why it was used. Reasons are chosen from a preset list and can be created in the ‘Discount Reasons’ tab.

    • Require Manager PIN: If enabled, a manager PIN will be required to apply the discount at the POS.

NOTE: If the ‘Require Discount Reason’ feature is enabled, you will need to create reasons in the ‘Discount Reasons’ tab in order to apply this discount at the POS terminal.

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