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SellTreez: Creating New Users
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Creating users allows employees to log in to the Treez portal and make sales in the SellTreez POS system. For accountability purposes, each employee will need to have their own unique log in created.

To begin creating users, navigate to Configuration > User Management.

Step 1: From the main User Management screen, click +Add User to open the “Create New User” card.

Step 2: Fill out all the required(*) fields.

  • Group: The group dropdown will house all available user groups for you to choose from. While there are a variety of standard groups available, you also have the ability to create custom user groups by clicking on the User Groups tab.

  • Username: This is the name that will be displayed within SellTreez.

  • Email: Used to log in to the Treez portal. Must be a verifiable email address.

  • Password: Used to log in to the Treez portal

  • Set PIN: This number will be used to log into the SellTreez POS system each time you go to make a sale. The PIN number must be unique and no two users can have the same PIN. The system will prevent you from choosing a PIN that’s already in use.

NOTE: Based on the configurations you have enabled via Configuration > Config Page > Users > Users, there’s an additional “Employee ID” field that will be auto-generated whenever you create a new user.

Step 3: Certain actions within Treez can be set to require a manager’s approval, like accepting returns or applying POS discounts. Enabling this toggle will allow this user to approve those actions using their PIN code when they arise.


Step 4: Click Save once all the information has been entered. Now this user will be able to log into the Treez portal and any actions made will be linked to their account.

  • Once an account has been created, you can click on the specific user to pull up their user details.

NOTE: Once a user has been created, clicking the pencil icon next to the ‘Status’ column will allow you to update their account information, including resetting their password and PIN, and making their account ‘Inactive’.


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