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SellTreez: Pro-Active Prevention of Fraud and Theft Enhancements
SellTreez: Pro-Active Prevention of Fraud and Theft Enhancements
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

A new enhancement has been released that will help Treez customers proactively deter employee fraud and theft through abandoning sales. These new configurations, that if enabled, require a manager pin to abandon a ticket and delete ticket lines. These configurations stop a budtender or cashier from

  • printing a receipt and cancelling a transaction

  • printing a receipt before completing an order

without a manager's consent to the transaction.

Navigate to Configuration > Config Page > POS

  • Enable "Abandon Ticket Pin Override" and "Delete Ticket Line Pin Override"


Once enabled, let your budtenders and cashiers know so there are no surprises at checkout when legitimate overrides are needed. Determine your shop's SOPs for these instances so that budtenders and cashiers know exactly how to handle these situations.

For example:

  • A budtender needs to abandon a ticket or delete a ticket line

  • They call for a manager who then needs to physically put in their pin to cancel the transaction

  • A manager completes the override and the rest of the transaction proceeds as normal

But what if a manager is not available in that exact moment? A possible SOP would be to save the sale and rebuild a new sale so the customer can complete their purchase and a manager can abandon the sale when they are available.

Note: A manager should never share their PIN. It should be viewed like a password and kept confidential.

It is ultimately up to the client to determine the best SOP for their business. Best practice would be to create and educate your employees on them before enabling these new enhancements.

Value: Enabling these features allows you to proactively initiate preventative fraud and theft measures. This will also shorten your daily sales reconciliation time as there will not be abandoned ticket(s) a manager is surprised by and has to investigate.

Risk: There is a potential for customer flow to be disrupted when a budtender or cashier needs a manager to physically come and enter their pin to override a transaction.

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