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SellTreez: What is a Cashier Discounts?
SellTreez: What is a Cashier Discounts?
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Cashier Discounts give you the ability to manually apply different types of price breaks at the point of sale. Cashier discounts are not linked to any specific item(s), products, or customer group(s) and can be applied on the fly to one or more items in a customer’s cart.

There are two distinct types of cashier discounts:

  1. Standard Cashier Discounts: These discounts appear under the ‘Discount’ button in POS and the discounts are applied to the subtotal amount. Standard Cashier Discounts can be configured by navigating to Products > Discount Management > Cashier Discounts.

    • Line Discount: Preset dollar amount or percentage off discount as configured in Cashier Discounts (with ‘Custom $’ or ‘Custom %’ discount options)

  • Cart Discount: Preset amount or percentage as configured in Cashier Discounts.


Note: Rewards Dollars will stack on top of any combination of discounts and reduce the subtotal by the amount of Rewards Dollars applied.

2. Fixed Price Discounts: Preset fixed price discounts (with 'Custom Pricing' option) that rewrites the total retail price of one or more products to reflect the fixed price amount. The fixed amount will equate to the subtotal of the order. Fixed price discounts can be found by navigating to Products > Discount Management > Cashier Discounts > Pricing.



Standard POS Discounts

To begin setting up standard cashier discounts, navigate to Products > Discount Management > Cashier Discounts > Cashier Discounts.

  • Tap the orange (+) sign to create a new cashier discount.

  • Define the discount by filling out the required (*) fields.

  • TIP: Short, descriptive titles work best as they help sales associates easily identify the appropriate discount at checkout and may be shown on the receipt if that configuration is enabled.

  • Set any desired requirements.

    • Require Discount Reason: If enabled will require the sales associate to select a reason for why it was used. Reasons are chosen from a preset list and can be created in the ‘Discount Reasons’ tab.

    • Require Manager PIN: If enabled, a manager PIN will be required to apply the discount at the POS.

NOTE: If the ‘Require Discount Reason’ feature is enabled, you will need to create reasons in the ‘Discount Reasons’ tab in order to apply this discount at the POS terminal.

  • Tap back to the main 'Cashier Discounts’ screen to see all cashier discounts.

    • If the icon is red, there is still some information missing that will need to be completed.

    • Activate/Deactivate: Switch this toggle to enable or disable discounts. This defaults to ‘On’ once a discount has been created.

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