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SellTreez: What is a Discount Method?
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

A ‘Discount Method’ will determine how a promotion is configured and what the desired price break will be. Within the discount module, users are able to create a variety of discounts.

All discounts, regardless of the chosen method, offer the ability to be 'stacked'. If enabled, this feature allows multiple stackable discounts to be applied to a single order.

  • Percent Discount: The percentage taken off the defined product or groups.

  • Dollar Amount Discount: The dollar value taken off the defined product or groups.

  • BOGO:

    1. Dollar Amount Off items specified in "get" section.

    2. Percent Off items specified in "get" section

    3. Single unit cost for items specified in "get" section.

  • Cost plus %: The wholesale cost of the item plus a percentage added on.

Learn more about the ways in which discounts can be stacked together and how this works at the POS.

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