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SellTreez: Receipt Configurations
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Customizing your receipt lets you have more control over what type of information is being sent to your customers. While some of these customizations — like logos and footer copy — may help to define your company’s brand, others may be enabled or disabled for compliance reasons.

You can also further customize receipts so those printed from Sell Treez (orders rung up at the point of sale) or Fulfillment (orders from eCommerce) include different information, depending on your needs. Simply select the appropriate section when updating your configurations.

To access the receipt configurations, navigate to Configurations > Config Page > Receipt.

Receipt Header

This section allows you to dictate the type of information that will be displayed above the purchased products section (a.k.a. the “body”) of the receipt. Tapping the slider (to turn it green) will enable any of these options and cause them to appear on all customer receipts.


Receipt Body

This section allows you to dictate the information that will be visible for each item a customer purchases.


Receipt Footer

This section is where you can customize any copy that should be displayed below the purchased items section of the receipt. This is a great place to input any details about your return policy or nuances about state and/or local taxes


NOTE: In California, if the excise tax is not broken out as a separate line item on the receipt, you’re required by law to include the phrase “The cannabis excise taxes are included in the total amount of this invoice." somewhere on the receipt.

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