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SellTreez: How Can I Test a Discount?
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago


How can I test a discount?


Navigate to a new transaction in Treez, then add a product into the cart. We will first test out the Pricing Adjustment Discount. Select the line item that you would like to apply the discount to, then click the Pricing Button, then select your new pricing adjustment. You will see that the subtotal is updated, but there is still tax being applied to the item.

To remove a discount from an item, click on the line-item discount, and then remove the currently applied discount.

Next, we will test our manual cashier discount. With the item still selected, click the Discount button, then in the Line Discount tab, choose your new line-item discount. If you created a Cart discount, make sure to unselect your item before clicking the Discount button, so that the discount applies to the cart as a whole, rather than a single item.

Lastly, let’s search for one of the products associated with our automated discounts and add one to the cart. As soon as it appears you should see a discount applied. Click on the discount to confirm the correct one is being applied.

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