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AIQ Reward Redemption: Point of Sale
AIQ Reward Redemption: Point of Sale
Written by Treez Admin
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After an AIQ customer has been signed up and linked to Treez, they will then be ready to redeem rewards via the POS.


Navigate to Retail > Point of Sale

  • Ensure desired customer is added to the cart

  • Add items to cart

  • Select “Redeem AIQ Rewards” button (top center under print location)

  • AIQ customer wallet modal will launch center of screen

  • Employee relays customer current balance and available discount details

  • Customer specifies which discounts they would like to apply

  • Employee selects “Apply” button

    • This will decrement the current balance by points required in real time

  • Customer confirms final selection of discount / rewards application

  • Employee selects “Apply AIQ Rewards”

  • Total discount amounts will now be deducted from the cart total

  • Customer confirms they are ready for checkout

  • Employee hits “Checkout”

      1. Treez calls out to AIQ and redeems discount and decrements customers reward balance by SUM (points required for applied discounts)

If a customer does not have the funds to complete the transaction, the employee can save the sale on checkout and re-open at a later time. the client can do so directly through AIQ portal.


Treez supports both cart and item level discount reward redemption through AIQ flow.

  • If applying an item level discount you must select the item prior to application

    • You can select multiple items and apply an item level for the sum (total discount) spread evenly across the selected items

    • You cannot re-apply a total item level discount to subsequent items after first AIQ wallet redemption at this time

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