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Best Practices for Creating and Using Discounts with Alpine IQ
Best Practices for Creating and Using Discounts with Alpine IQ
Written by Treez Admin
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Have your Alpine IQ Discounts made beforehand so that you can use the Copy Discount ID as you navigate to the Alpine IQ portal.

Note: Best practices are to have your POS Treez Discount Tiles match your Alpine IQ Discount Tiles.

Create Discounts

Create your discounts in Treez first by navigating to Product > Discount Management > Manual Discounts > Orange button - Create specific Manual AIQ Discount. Discounts can be either a percentage or a dollar discount amount. Discounts can also be at the item or cart level. Don't forget to set any requirements before you save the discounts.

If a customer wants to redeem AIQ points use the Copy Discount ID button under the discount you want to use and then navigate to the Alpine IQ Portal.

AIQ Portal:

Navigate to the redemption options and match up the display names and click on the discount.

Next check to ensure that the customer has a sufficient balance in their wallet, otherwise the discount will not surface when we launch the AIQ wallet within the Treez POS.

Scroll to the eCommerce tab and verify that the dollar amount or percentage amount matches what we what was input into Treez.

Lastly, input the Discount ID that was copied from the Treez side into AIQ and hit save. With the new AIQ update, you must select the "Trigger a partner platform reward" button first, then select "POS Discount ID" and enter the discount ID from Treez.

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