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Alpine IQ Two-Way Integration with Treez
Alpine IQ Two-Way Integration with Treez
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Treez now offers one of the strongest integrations with AlpineIQ of any point-of-sale provider. Our tier 6, 2-way integration with loyalty partner AIQ allows for seamless native loyalty signup and rewards redemption directly in your SellTreez POS.

The Treez <> AIQ integration allows you to:

    • Setup and enable AIQ loyalty through the new loyalty integration configuration module.

    • Seamlessly connect existing AIQ customer accounts with Treez through customer management and POS.

    • Create new AIQ loyalty customers natively via customer management and membership agreement.

    • See customers’ AIQ loyalty balance in real time and redeem rewards for discounts within the POS.

Description: To allow for a more frictionless flow for existing customers, Treez will automatically check if the customer had already opted-in to AIQ loyalty the first time a user navigates to their profile after enabling the AIQ integration in Treez.

Follow these Steps:

  • User enables AIQ integration in Treez

  • User navigates to Customer Profile

Please Note: “Alpine IQ loyalty” = “No” at this point

  • Treez calls out to AIQ to fetch customer phone & email

  • IF the customer exists

    • Treez surfaces a message “customer with {x} phone and {y} email has AIQ loyalty account. Link to Treez?”

    • Options availalbe are - “ok” or “cancel”

  • If user selects “ok”;

    • Treez grabs AIQ customer ID for AIQ loyalty and the customer is now linked to Treez

    • “Alpine IQ Loyalty” will now convert to “Yes”

    • Customer is now ready for POS reward redemption

  • If user select “cancel”;

    1. The customer will not be linked to Treez

Important - This message to confirm and link customer will only populate the first time a user navigates to the customer profile after enabling AIQ integration.

  • If the selection is “cancel”, a customer will have to go through membership agreement flow to link account.

Description: In the event an existing AIQ customer is checked in directly from customer queue or POS and bypasses customer management altogether, the user can then opt to link them directly from POS. Once linked, the user can launch their wallet using the same UI component used to link them.

Follow these Steps:

  • Check-in a customer via customer queue or directly from POS

  • Select “Redeem AIQ Rewards”

  • If AIQ customer exists;

    • Treez will surface the same confirm phone/email and link message

  • If user selects “ok”;

    • Treez grabs AIQ customer ID and the customer is now linked to Treez

    • “Alpine IQ Loyalty” will now convert to “Yes” (in customer management)

  • The customer is now ready for POS reward redemption

  • If the user selects “cancel”;

    • The customer will not be linked to Treez


  • Treez will not update customers communication opt-in preferences when linking existing AIQ customers.

    • Communication opt-in preferences will stay in their current state and can be changed by either the retailer or the customer directly through AIQ.

New Customer AIQ Loyalty Signup: Customer Management

Description: For customers who have not already signed up or opted into Alpine IQ loyalty, Treez now supports a native signup / opt-in flow through customer management and membership agreement. To sign up a new AIQ customer through Treez and get their explicit consent to loyalty opt-in, follow the below steps.

Follow these Steps:

  • Navigate to Customer > Customer Management

  • Launch customer profile through scanner or via search functionality

  • Upon creating or editing customer, scroll down to “Alpine IQ Loyalty” toggle on the right side of page

Please Note: Toggle is only visible in edit mode. If you are viewing profile, this will show either “Yes” or “No” to indicate if they are already linked with Treez

  • Toggle the “Alpine IQ Loyalty” to enabled

  • Save the customer profile

  • A prompt will appear “To join loyalty program, and the customer needs to sign the membership agreement”

  • If selection is “Ok” - membership agreement will populate

    • If selection is “Cancel” the flow is terminated; however you can edit a profile and re-start the loyalty signup flow at later time

AIQ Loyalty Opt-in: Membership Agreement

  • Navigate to Customer > Membership Agreement

  • View/launch newly populated customer membership agreement form

    • Status = “RENEWAL”

  • Upon signing and accepting terms, Loyalty Consent prompt will populate

    • Loyalty consent prompt: "I consent to opt-in to loyalty and receive a one-time SMS requesting consent to opt into loyalty communications”

    • Customer adds phone and email

Please Note: These values will be used to create AIQ customer and override employee set customer profile values.

  • Customer consents by checking box and selecting “DONE”

    • If the customer does not check the box they will not be signed up for AIQ loyalty

  • Customer AIQ loyalty account created and linked with Treez

    • AIQ loyalty will now = “YES” on customer profile


The customer will receive a one-time SMS from AIQ to opt-into communications upon consenting.

    • IF they customer selects no they will still be opted into loyalty but will not receive the SMS

    • A customer can opt-in at any point directly through AIQ

  • Customer email communication opt-in is controlled directly in the clients AIQ portal

    • IF this is enabled → they will be auto opted into email during Treez/AIQ signup

AIQ Reward Redemption: Point of Sale

Description: After an AIQ customer has been signed up and linked to Treez, they will then be ready to redeem rewards via POS. See the below steps for launching customer AIQ wallet and redeeming AIQ rewards points through Treez Point of Sale.

Follow these Steps:

  • Navigate to Retail > Point of Sale

  • Ensure the desired customer is added to the cart

    • Add items to the cart

  • Select “Redeem AIQ Rewards” button (top center under print location)

  • AIQ customer wallet modal will launch at the center of the screen

  • Employee relays customer current balance and available discount details

  • Customer specifies which discounts they would like to apply

  • Employee selects “Apply” button

    • This will decrement the current balance by points required in real time

  • Customer confirms final selection of discount / rewards application

  • Employee selects “Apply AIQ Rewards”

  • Total discount amounts will now be deducted from cart total

  • Customer confirms they are ready for checkout

    • Employee hits “checkout”

  • Treez calls out to AIQ and redeems discount and decrements customers reward balance by SUM (points required for applied discounts)

  • Finishing the sale:

    • At this point it is assumed customer is committed to the purchase however if the customer does not have the money to complete the transaction the employee can save the sale on checkout and re-open when the customer has funds

    • If a refund of points becomes absolutely necessary, the client can do so directly through AIQ portal


  • Treez supports both cart and item level discount reward redemption through AIQ flow

  • If applying an item level discount, it must be selected prior to application

    • You can select multiple items and apply item level for sum (total discount) spread evenly across selected the items

    • You cannot re-apply total item level discount to subsequent items after first AIQ wallet redemption at this time

Customer AIQ Wallet Taxonomy:

  • Available points: The amount of AIQ reward points the customer currently has

  • Available discounts: The discounts available to a customer based off AIQ parameters and sufficient point balance

  • Points Required: The amount of points a required per discount (amount that will be decremented from balance)

  • Discount Amount: The amount the cart or item will be discounted

    • Treez discount amount is set in Discount Management

    • Can be either $ or %

  • Apply/Applied button: For the pre-application of discount the wallet will remain open to apply other discounts

    • Apply = not selected /applied

    • Applied = selected / applied

  • Apply AIQ Rewards button: Final application of selected discounts

    • Hitting this will close AIQ wallet and apply the discounts to cart

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