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SellTreez: Payment Report (In-App)
SellTreez: Payment Report (In-App)
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The Payment Report is a valuable resource for understanding what methods customers are using at your shop.

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Navigating the Payment Report


The Payment Report is made up of 2 tabs displayed at the top of the screen. Each tab displays a different table of information about payment methods used at your shop.

Filters and Sorting

Clicking the blue filter button will display available filters for the tab you’re viewing and expand the available search bars so you can quickly find the data you’re looking for. These are shown under each column header.

You can also sort each column by clicking the sort arrows to the right of the column headers. Click the sort arrow again to change the direction of the sort.

Each tab can also be filtered for a specific time period using the date and time filters on the upper right-hand side of the screen or by selecting a preset date range from the filter button dropdown. The behavior of the Time and Date filters will depend on if you use Treez Pay ACH (Pay-by-Text) or not.

Treez Pay ACH Enabled

If your shop offers prepaid orders through Treez Pay ACH, you'll have the ability to distinguish between when an order was paid for and when an order was closed by using the Payment Date or Ticket Close date selector. The time filters will apply as the beginning time and end time of the selected range instead of the time range for each day.


Treez Pay ACH Not Enabled

The time filter will filter for a start and end range per day. In the example above, the report would display data from 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM on January 2nd, January 3rd, and so on for every day until February 3rd.


Time Range Filter

There is no time range limits on this filter you should be able to as far back as you need to get the information you want.


At the top of each report is a snapshot overview of the data in the main table below. The snapshot will adjust accordingly when filters are applied.



You can also export or print any of these reports by clicking the ‘…’ in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  • The export will contain some additional detailed information not visible from the Payment Report, such as customer information and the times the ticket changed statuses.

  • Printing will include all expanded rows at the time of printing.

NOTE: It can take up to 30 seconds after a transaction is completed for the reports to reflect the most recent data. Click the blue refresh arrow to the right of the “Last Refreshed” date and time to update your report.


Payment Types Summary

This tab shows a breakdown of gross receipts (net sales + taxes) by payment type.

Example: What was the most popular payment method used this past week?

Use the date filter dropdown to select Last Week, and sort the 'Payments' column in descending order (the sort arrow will point down). Then, reference the 'Payment Name' column for the top result.


Payment Log

The payment log is a list of all the payments used by POS Ticket and includes details about each transaction. Simply click the small > arrow to scroll across the columns.

Tip: Filters are particularly helpful in this tab for narrowing down a large amount of information.

Example: Was ticket #AB1CDE paid for with cash?

Click the filter button to open available filters and searches. In the 'Ticket ID' column, enter AB1CDE and hit the Enter button on your keyboard to search. The result will show the ticket information, including the payment method in the 'Payment Name' column.

Example: How much was the highest ticket paid with Debit?

Click the filter button to open available filters and searches. In the 'Payment Type' column, open the dropdown > select only Debit Card > click Apply. Then, sort the 'Gross Receipts Paid' column in descending order (the sort arrow will point down) and reference the top result in the column.


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