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SellTreez: Canceling/Removing Orders
SellTreez: Canceling/Removing Orders
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If an order needs to be canceled, this can happen at any stage of the order fulfillment process from ‘Verification Pending’ to ‘Out for Delivery'.

Before canceling an order it’s best to contact the customer and work towards a resolution together. This will prevent any unexpected order cancellation messages from being sent to the customer.

Step 1: Click on the desired order to display its details and any available actions that can be taken on it. If you haven’t already, reach out to the customer and begin discussing possible resolutions.

Step 2: Once the decision to cancel the order has been made, hit Remove Order. Clicking on this option will open a remove order confirmation window where you’ll be prompted to enter a custom reason in the text box or select a reason from the populated list.

  • Order removal reasons are configurable and can be created by navigating to Configuration > Config Page > eCommerce > General Requirements > Deleted Order Reasons.


Step 3: From here, you can either select one of the preset reasons or enter a custom reason. Customers will receive this 'order canceled' message as an SMS.


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