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SellTreez: Label Maker Tips and Tricks
SellTreez: Label Maker Tips and Tricks
Written by Treez Admin
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Treez newest label maker allows you to create and customize Inventory, Batch, and Customer labels. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that can save you time and avoid some common issues.

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Fields are bleeding onto each other

  • Use the single line setting so that fields won't bleed into each other.



  • A Barcode can be used with .5 x.5 labels but only when using the “Treez Barcode” field (3 characters).

  • Barcode supports upper- and lower-case characters.

  • If your barcode is printing across 3 labels, first check to see if you are using the “Package Label” field. If you are, that is 24 characters and can't be done on a mini label. Use the “Treez barcode” field or a QR code.

QR Code

  • The "Treez Barcode" (Inventory Barcode) value should not be used with a QR code as Treez Barcodes use mixed case characters and QR codes do not support lowercase characters.


  • If only 1 of 3, or 2 of 3 labels are printing, first check that you have set the “Count in Row” setting to “3”. If that is set properly, you will need to adjust the alignment and spacing to prevent cutoff.

  • Always round up to the nearest 3.

    • Ex: If you have to print 11 labels, round up to 12 as this ensures a clean separation between labels.

Note: The old Label Maker would round up when printing .5x.5 labels. Using the old label maker, if you entered 13 labels to print, it would automatically print 15 ensuring a separation between the next product printed.


  • Recalibrate your printer and make sure the yellow arrow is in the center.

  • Try moving the fields left, right, up, down depending on how they are printing.

    • If the fields are printing off to the left, try moving them to the right and vice versa.

  • If these adjustments don't work, use the spacing and paper margin settings to adjust.


Dynamic Text fields

  • The “Treez Barcode” field should be used to capture the Inventory Barcode aka SKU.

Packaging Workflow

If an operator commonly uses the Packaging workflow, as a best practice, the labels printed for their products should use a barcode mapped to the "Treez Barcode" field. If the "Package Label" field is used, customers are going to run into issues because when using the Packaging function, the same State Tracking ID persists across two different batches and Treez won't know which batch you are referring to.

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