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SellTreez: Creating Exit Labels for Nevada
SellTreez: Creating Exit Labels for Nevada
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

The State of Nevada requires that Exit Labels contain the following information to remain in compliance:

  • Terpenes Information

  • Lot Number

  • Production Run Number


Treez does not currently have specified fields for Terpenes, Lot Number or Production Run Number. The workflow to remain in compliance for Nevada is to use the Open Label Maker fields to ensure the required information appears on all Exit Labels. Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Managment > Click on an Invoice to open "Details"


Open Label Maker Fields

Treez offers three options for the open label fields. We will be using all three of these fields. The following is how these fields are used and the recommended format:

  • Field #1: Terpenes

    • Example Format: B Myrcene 0.00 mg/g | Limonene 0.00 mg/g | A Humulene 0.00 mg/g

  • Field #2: PR/Lot#

  • Field #3: Batch#


Following the workflow outlined above ensures that Exit Labels remain in compliance for the State of Nevada.

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