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How Do I Schedule a Discount with Beginning and End Dates?
How Do I Schedule a Discount with Beginning and End Dates?
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How do I schedule a discount with beginning and end dates?


Navigate to Product > Discount Management to begin using the enhanced schedule discount condition to support flexible start and end date/time.

Choose an existing discount or create a new discount and click "Add a Condition". From the dropdown menu choose Schedule. Fill in your desired specifics. This will auto save.

For example, to set up a daily happy hour from 3pm-5pm, select any start date with the happy hour times and for Recurrence select ‘Daily’ so the happy hour repeats every day.

In this example below, to set up a Wednesday all day promotion, select a start date that falls on the first Wednesday, set the start and end time (or check ‘All Day’), and for Recurrence select ‘Weekly on Wednesday’.

If the promotion spans more than 1 day, for example a weekend special, select the 'Spans Multiple Days' checkbox. If it is valid for one weekend only, leave 'Recurrence' as 'Does Not Repeat'.

If this weekend special repeats every weekend but only for the rest of the month, for Recurrence select 'Custom Recurrence', from the dropdown, the weekly reoccurrence, and the end date for the last day of the month.

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When you schedule a discount within SellTreez, the condition will pass to your Treez eCommerce site.

For 3rd party integrators, the discount schedule information is made available via the External Product API but reach out to your menu provider to verify if they are using this data to reflect the active discounts on your site.

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