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How Does a Manager Process a Return/Refund of Product By a Customer?
How Does a Manager Process a Return/Refund of Product By a Customer?
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To return units that were sold and then returned by a customer follow the steps below:


Returns to vendors for inventory that was previously purchased by a customer and then returned at the POS can be completed by following the steps outlined here.

You can either return the product to the distributor or you can destroy the product. This needs to be determined by a manager and based on the condition of the product returned. In either case, Treez supports the return.


Step 1: Split the original package so the defective units are in a new package.

NOTE: NEVER transfer a package that's had sales made from it. ALWAYS split packages before transferring inventory, even if you're transferring the entire remaining quantity of a package. Transferring a package with previous sales causes 2 main issues:

  • You're required to maintain all historical sales data on all packages, but because sales records are linked to the package itself, this transfers the sales records out of your license and to the recipient of the transfer.

  • If you transfer a package out, any units from the transferred package won't be able to be returned by customers (e.g. a defective cartridge) because that package no longer lives in your METRC, and there's nowhere for the unit to return to.

You can find instructions on how to split a package here.

Step 2: Determine whether or not the distributor transporting the package back to the vendor is METRC-enabled or not.

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