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SellTreez: Discount Nuances for the Massachusetts Market
SellTreez: Discount Nuances for the Massachusetts Market
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Creating Recreational/Adult Use Specials in the MA Market requires either Tiered Discounts or Discounted Packages.

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Tiered Discount:

A tiered discount example would be:

  • Pre-Rolls are $10/each.

  • When you buy five pre-rolls, they are now $7/each.

  • When you buy eight, they are now $5/each.

Navigate to Product > Pricing Management > Click on Add Pricing Tier


Create your label, choose Unit as your method and establish your Pricing Table


Save your work.

Discounted Packages:

An example of discounted packages would be:

  • Client has $25 edibles.

  • Client wants to sell some for $20.

  • In order to achieve this, In Metrc, take a larger package, split it into a smaller package, assign a new package tag to the smaller package and import into SellTreez.

  • Navigate to Product > Product Management and Click the orange + button

  • Create & Save your Product

  • Navigate to Product > Pricing Management and Click Add Pricing Tier button

  • Create Pricing Tier

  • Clients can now control how many edibles they want to sell at a discount.

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