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SellTreez: Customer Management Configurations - Membership Agreement
SellTreez: Customer Management Configurations - Membership Agreement
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These configurations allow you to dictate what types of customers you serve and how different sign-ups should be handled in the Customer Management module.

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Customer Sign Up

In this section, you can select what types of customers are allowed in your shop.

  • Adult-Use Enabled: If enabled this will allow customers without a medical recommendation to make purchases in your shop.

    • Default Customer Type: If ‘Adult-Use’ is enabled, you’ll also need to select what the default customer type should be. Depending on what is selected here will determine what the default requirements are when signing up a new customer. It’s best to default to the majority customer type for your store.

  • Show Clear Queue button at Intake: If enabled, this configuration will display a trash icon at the top of the customer queue and will allow intake employees to clear the entire queue at any point throughout the day from the Customer Management module.


Membership Agreement Content

This section is where you can view, write, or upload your Membership Agreement.

  • Preview: View your existing Membership Agreement

  • Edit Agreement: This button will open a text editor where you can enter or adjust the body text of your Membership Agreement

  • Upload DocX: If you've created a Membership Agreement in an external word processing system, you can upload it to Treez here. Tip: Only '.DocX' file formats are supported for upload. If your Membership Agreement file is saved in a different file format, you can copy and paste the text into Treez using the Edit Agreement button.


Membership Agreement Fields

This section allows you to dictate which customer types are required to sign your membership agreement in order to enter your shop.

  • Customer Type: Use the sliders to enable which customer types are required to sign your membership agreement upon entering your shop for the first time.

  • Form Fields: These sliders let you customize what fields customers are asked to fill out on your membership agreement.

    • Optout Bypasses Required Fields: Enabling this allows customers to check this box and bypass any required information being collected on the membership agreement.


Value: Utilize your Customer Agreement so that you can capture and maintain the information necessary to understand the different types of customers you have as well as sensibly market to them. Make sure they opt in/out for communications about specials, user discounts or other information you may feel it is important for them to know.

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