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SellTreez: How Do I Add a Hardware Location?
SellTreez: How Do I Add a Hardware Location?
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How do I add a hardware location?


Once the Treez App is installed on your computer, a 'location' must be configured for it so Treez is able to recognize the device. This can be done using our Hardware Agent (HWA).

Step 1: From within the Treez portal, navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Hardware > Add Location. This option is located at the bottom of the list of existing locations.

Step 2: Tap Add, then enter a name for the location of the device and hit Save Changes. For example, if the device is located at Intake, you may opt to enter "RECEPTION_1". Short, descriptive names are best.

Note: Do not use '/' or other special characters (underscores are OK) when naming of your hardware locations.

  • If you have multiple devices in a small area, you may want to physically label each of them with their corresponding name, so you're aware of which device is associated with which location.


NOTE: Locations should correspond to the physical location the device is located in your shop.

Step 3: Ensure the device is plugged into your computer and open the Treez App from your Applications folder, or by using the Search box on the taskbar.

Step 4: From this screen, enter your Treez portal URL [] and click GO. On the following screen, choose the location you just created and click GO.


Step 5: After you select your location, the Treez App will scan for devices quickly and it will display a 'Device List Updated' message. This indicates that the app has recognized your hardware, and has linked it to the correct location.


Step 6: Refresh your Treez portal and navigate back to Configuration > Config Page > Hardware Agent. Your newly created Location will be listed here.

NOTE: To add a Treez Pay PIN pad at this location, follow the instructions here. Keep in mind the hardware must be set-up and connected to the internet first. For more information, click here.

Step 7: Click on the desired location to expand this dropdown to reveal each of the hardware options available. From the corresponding dropdown menu, select the model and click 'Test Scan/Print' to confirm it's working properly.


NOTE: If you're not seeing your device in your location dropdown, hit Scan For New Devices.

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